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3 Steps to Selling Your Home
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Get absolutely clear on how to go from being "stuck in your home" to getting it sold...

What You'll Learn... 

During your Home Selling Strategy Session.

(The exact agenda of the 28 minute meeting)

1. Create a financial forecast and profit strategy (to sell your home quickly for the most profit.)

2. The best tools and tactics to market your home to serious buyers. (Hint: It’s not an open house, or sharing on FB) 

3. Define a good offer before you ever get one. This ALONE can save you thousands when you sell. 

Awesome Tools You'll Get...

(Key Take aways)

The Home Selling PnL 

Calculate ALL the costs of selling your home. 

The 5 Minute Makeover Home Staging Guide

A simple checklist to get your home show ready!

The Online Home Listing Cheatsheet

The exact ingredients to create an online listing that brings buyers!

HomeBuyer Demand Report

See how many buyers are looking for a home like yours! 

Top$ Home Valuation 

Discover the top price to sell at. And how to defend that price!  

Offer Rating Cheatsheet

The secrets behind each part of a buyers offer contract!  

Our No-Pitch Promise Agreement

Tyler Woerner

ReHive Co-Founder

This call is about giving you VALUE FIRST! My job is to meet with about 3-5 homeowners a week to give them absolute clarity on how to sell their home. I'm inviting you to be one of those homeowners. 

The only thing I ask in return is to pick one of two promises at the very end of our call. 

Promise #1: You consider using the SnapSelling System when you sell your home.

Or Promise #2: You share our system with a neighbor or friend you know wants to sell their home. 

ps. I hate the cheesy Realtor sales pitches so I prefer to do it this way and help the 1 out 3 people who are a good fit to work together after the Strategy Session. 

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