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All the perks of a Realtor with less fees

Technology has changed real estate forever, but the industry to date hasn’t passed along the savings


When you SELL with a traditional agency


When you SELL with ReHive


with ReHive


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Keep more equity when you list with ReHive.

ReHive has no upfront charges and only collects a selling fee of $2,500 when your home sells, compared to the industry standard of 6% commission.

Traditional Realtor




Get your home listed on all these websites with no cost

See how many home buyers are shopping for a house like yours

Find out how many buyers there are shopping for a house like yours, in your area, and in the same price range.

Home Deals Closed!

There are a lot of ways transactions can fall apart. When you work with agents who have seen it all, they aren’t surprised. They have solutions.

Thousand saved in commissions!

Our customers save multiple thousands in commission because of our flat-fee listing service. They’ve put the savings toward buying a larger home, retirement, and new cars!

Homes sold in less 30 days in 2017!

You don’t have to “give away” your home to sell it fast. Our SnapSelling system is a proven process designed to help home owners sell their homes for the asking price in less than 30 days.

Why sell with ReHive?

We do not require long-term listing contracts. In fact, ReHive agreements are open-ended—if we don’t find a buyer you can cancel without any hassle!

Zero Down

Absolutely NO upfront fees. We don’t make a dime until you sell your home. And even then we earn less than half of the commission's you’d pay out to an agent and Broker.

Max Exposure

Get your home listed on the MLS (where 80% of homes sold are viewed) as well as Zillow and hundreds of others.

Zero Obligation

We’ve given homeowners nothing to lose with no long term contracts. List your home at no cost until it closes. You can walk away at any time.

Expert Representation

Don’t want to lose money negotiating? Or even worse, pay it all to an agent? Keep the extra money we negotiate as pros with years of experience in local real estate.

Weekly Reports

You shouldn’t be able to track delivery pizza and not the sale of your home. Get access to detailed reports of online interest and engagement.

No Hassle Showings

This ain’t craigslist. All showings will be in the presence of a licensed professional and must be approved by seller. Simply approve it with mobile alerts.

Lafayette's Modern Real Estate Brokerage

Technology has changed real estate forever, but the industry to date hasn’t passed along the savings. We’re building a new real estate agency that does just that. So sit back, stream a movie, take a selfie, and sell your home from your couch. It’s a new world.

How to sell your home
in 3 easy steps.

Value your home

The quickest way to sell your home is to price it correctly. Take full advantage of our expert real estate professionals that can help you enter the market with the best price.

Market your Home

Trying to promote your home yourself is no easy task. So we’ve put together a comprehensive distribution network to promote your listing so you don’t have to! Your Facebook friends will thank us.

Sell Your Home

Don’t be buried in contracts or terms you can’t make heads or tails of. We’ve walked hundreds of homeowners through the process of buying and selling their home safely and profitably.

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