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Our Mission is to make buying and selling houses cheaper and easier

A message from our Founder and Broker

I started in Real Estate building houses for my brother-in-law. As I learned how homes were built, bought, and then sold, I discovered a lot of room for improvement. I started this company because I believe real estate brokerages haven’t given homeowners the best service or price that new technology can create. Our mission is to be a brokerage that pushes the envelope when making it easy and affordable to buy and sell homes.

Full-Service Team

ReHive is a full-service online real estate brokerage licensed in the State of Louisiana; the ReHive Team is made up of local licensed Realtors, who are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Our goal is to provide max exposure and expert representation throughout the entire real estate transaction process at a fraction of the cost.

Lower Commissions Means More Money in Your Pocket

The generic 6% commission rate makes it tough to get the return you deserve, and the old model is surprisingly still in existence in our modern, technology-driven world. ReHive is here to change that, and technology today makes it easier than ever to automate the duties of today’s realtor. Most of the For Sale By Owner avenues charge upfront fees, and with them, you get no brokerage representation (realtor negotiating, guidance and the handling of your contract); they can handicap the seller from getting the financial return, home exposure, and guidance they deserve.

No Upfront Cost Commitment

With ReHive, we don’t get paid until you get paid, our friendly team holds your hand throughout the whole home-selling process, and our $2,500 flat rate will save you thousands of dollars. We are motivated to bridge the gap between DIY home selling strategies and the hiring of traditional brokerage representation and want to bring you more value and convenience than the traditional agent by utilizing our technology platform and dedicated team of industry experts, while also passing on the savings to you.


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