Our Mission is to make

buying and selling houses cheaper and easier

A message from our Founder and Broker

"I started in Real Estate building houses for my brother-in-law. As I learned how homes were built, bought, and then sold, I discovered a lot of room for improvement. I started this company because I believe real estate brokerages haven’t given homeowners the best service or price that new technology can offer. Our mission is to be a brokerage that pushes the envelope when making it easy and affordable to buy and sell homes."

Jacob Landry 
Rehive Founder | Broker


Matt Goulas

Around here we call Matt "Top Agent" and for good reason. As a co-founder he is shaping our core service based on day to day buying and selling experience. 

Adam Broussard

Adam is absolutely convinced we are going to be as big as Amazon. And his argument is compelling. He motivates us to never stop pushing the level of service we can offer homeowners.   

Tyler Woerner 

Tyler was invited to join the team when he showed the rest of the guys the internet. His marketing and tech background is helping to make buying and selling homes cheaper and easier.