Avoid the #1 Pricing Mistake When Selling Your Home

This Pricing Strategy is Usually Too Good to Be True

Too often home owners assume they can price their home high with nothing to lose. This video highlights 5 reasons why this pricing strategy may not be in your best interest.

01. Early Momentum 

You get the most exposure when you first list your home. Everyone actively looking for a home like yours will get notifications and alerts that your home is now on the market. Don’t waste that momentum with a price that shoppers know is too high. 

02. Less Search Exposure 

Being over priced may put you out of the search range of shoppers who would normally consider your home. For example if the market value of your home is 200k but you list it at 210, you won’t show up in the search results of buyers shopping in that price range. To add insult to injury you now being compared to homes in a higher price range so it’s harder to position your home as a better value. 

03. Buyers are Savvy 

Buyers can have a professional agent represent them at no cost to them. As a result, buyers come with professional due diligence on all fronts. Agents will let them know their professional opinion based on comparable homes so an over inflated price won’t go unnoticed. 

04. Price Drops 

An unfortunate bi-product of being priced too high, is that eventually you’ll have to lower it if you want to sell. Your homes price history is available for shoppers and agents to see. Having a “price drop” on your record can start negotiations in the wrong direction – with buyers already seeing a precedent set that the price target is movable. 

05. Days on The Market

Similar to a price drop, the number of days your home has been on the market is available to home shoppers as well. The strategy of “waiting to see what you can get” will cost you a lot of days on the market giving buyers one more thing to question about your home. 

But wait! Don’t price your home too low either! 

Don’t mistake this advice for us saying you should price your home low so you can sell it faster. You want to sell it for top dollar. But doing that takes some insight and understanding of the current market conditions. 

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