Is Quarantine Changing What Home Buyers’ want?

While experts speculate over what’s going to happen in Real estate post Covid19 one thing is for sure. Homeowners are getting to know every inch of their home – what they like and dislike.

This fresh perspective as a result of weeks-long quarantine will arm the next wave of buyers with a list of features they’ll no longer be taken for granted.

Here’s a list of top features we’re hearing about.

#1. Home Office

Some people are thriving working from home. Those people have a home office. A lot of eyes are being opened to the convenience of working from home if there is a dedicated space to do so.

#2. Big Kitchen

Have you gained the COVID15? Snacking is strong right now and people are feeling the constraints in kitchen size and storage. Island bars will also get bumped to essential status.

#3. Walkable Neighborhood

Finally, meeting your neighbors? Sidewalks and walkable neighborhoods will be a welcomed feature now that more people are getting more exposure to it.

#4. Good Wifi

Fiber has always been an attractive amenity but the recent stay at home order has exposed poor internet and people are craving strong connections. We’ve all got that co-worker on Zoom with the bad connection.

#5. Backyard Amenities

Another local favorite, backyard features like outdoor kitchens, room to play, pools and privacy are being relished by those who have it and the envy of those stuck inside without it.

If selling your home is on the agenda then take note of these features because they’ll certainly be appreciated by home shoppers.

Highlighting the right features of your home to attract serious buyers is called “market positioning.” This technique is just one step in an entire roadmap we’ve created to sell homes in less than 30 days for the full asking price.

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Stay Safe. Stay home. And stay in touch!