Dating Apps and Home Selling

Want to know a home selling tip we got from dating apps?

Ok, truth be told, no one in our office found our spouses on a dating app.⠀

But from what we hear from friends, you are at the mercy of split-second judgments based on your profile picture.⠀

Well, that sounds like exactly what happens when people are shopping for homes online. Making the most of this truth can sell your home faster and for a better price.⠀

Home buyers are searching through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of homes making quick judgments based on a single photo. If they like it they click to see more. Those photos can determine if they plan to schedule a showing ultimately leading to making a purchase.⠀

IMOTO conducted a study with over 350 home listings and found professional photography sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than similar homes without professional photos.⠀

The statistics department at Latter & Blum, right here in South Louisiana found listings using IMOTO’s professional photography were viewed 118% more than comparable listings.⠀

When you sell your home don’t underestimate the power of getting good photos.