New Gens Are Moving More

The new generation wants to move more. ⠀

It’s not a surprise that younger people would move more. But there is a twist to this story. ⠀

Although reports showed millennials were found to move once every two years and Gen Xers about every four years, baby boomers are still moving a lot. 43% plan to move in the next 10 years according to the same study. ⠀

But moving as a homeowner is expensive. In most cases the cost of selling will be more than the appreciation of your home in two to five years. Despite that, there is no turning back. Our world is trending more mobile not less. ⠀

This is why across the nation, brokerages are figuring out ways to lower the cost of selling. Even here in south Louisiana (hint: I’m talking about us). ⠀

We’re trying to serve the new era of homeowners. People want the freedom to move and shouldn’t be crippled by the cost. ⠀

Thank you, thank you very much.