Poodles and Home Selling

One of the phrases thrown around a lot at our office is how to “cut the fluff.” It’s a perspective that keeps us moving forward in our mission to make selling homes cheaper and easier. ⠀

As builders and developers we had seen first hand what it took to sell our own properties.  And when we compared that to all the things you could busy yourself doing “in the name of selling a property” it was drastically different. It felt like a lot of fluff. ⠀

We started to question some of real estate’s most sacred cows. The things that end up costing the homeowner the most money like the commission model, open houses, and network marketing. These are things the industry swears-by but had little impact in selling our own inventory. So we started building a business around that idea. ⠀

We still do this in our weekly team meetings today, by recognizing what is working to sell homes, then crafting our service around only those things. ⠀

To be clear though, Poodles should have fluff. Just not the home selling process.