We’re Hiring: Customer Service Agent

ReHive is looking for a customer service representative.

A licensed agent dedicated to assisting our clients with the process of selling their home. The job duties can be broken down into 3 general areas.

OnBoarding Clients

After clients have hired us it will be your responsibility to help them get the right paperwork signed, coordinate with vendors for signage and photos, and load their listing onto the MLS

Coaching Clients 

While our clients homes are active on the market you’ll be tasked with keeping them informed, evaluating offers, and preparing counters.


Once our clients homes are under contract you’ll continue to work with them scheduling key dates in preparation for closing.

This is a full time position with flexible hours. You are not responsible for sales and marketing tasks and acquiring new listing clients. This is a salary position and not commission based. The salary starts at 40k.

Please email your resume to [email protected].