3 ways “millennials” are saving BIG when selling their homes.

If you are a millennial looking to sell your home you are in good company. According to Housingwire.com 35% of millennials are planning to sell there homes.

Chances are selling your house was the plan all along. In fact Inc.com reports 68% of your millennial peers view their first home as a starter home.

Selling your starter home is the first step in the master plan to being featured on MTV cribs. Is that even still on?

The point is, you’ll never get there if you don’t get the best price for your home when you sell it, and you can’t save the profits doing so.

Here’s how other millennials have set the bar on saving when they sell they’re home so you can too. 

You Use Your Savvy

The biggest advantage you have is your technical prowess and information savvy. The world of real estate has been shaken by new services that have given everyone access to tools traditionally only available to realtors. We’ve seen tech disrupt things before (Hotels = AirBnB, Taxis = Uber, Friendships = Facebook, Entertainment = Streaming) and we embrace it. We can use this attitude to our advantage when selling our homes.

You Take The Best Advice 

We have access to the best real estate advice anytime we want it. Pinterest and Google can give us the best advice on everything from “the 5 kitchen remodel hacks that triple home values” to “10 ways to stage your home to sell faster”. The best and most experienced realtors all have blogs, podcasts, and TV shows. We can use their free advice to sell homes faster.   

You are Comfortable Selling Online

Remember when your friend told you “they’d never get in a strangers car, and Uber was creepy?.” You’ve probably taken Uber with them 5 times since. The same reason our generation adopts Uber, AirBnB, and Netflix, is the same reason we instinctively look to sell our homes using the internet on places like Zillow.

You Aren’t intimidated by Tech

Selling your home is all about optimizing your listing profiles. I think it’s safe to say our generation knows a thing about that. Additionally, taking photos, videos, creating sales flyers, and the other marketing leg work involved in promoting a home listing sounds like the things we already do managing dating profiles, or working our side hustle. Use this to your advantage and you can sell your house faster and for more.

You Care About Value:

A big misconception about millennials is that they are cheap. You know this couldn’t be further from the truth. What is true is that we expect to get what we pay for. Because everything we’ve ever purchased has been under the scrutiny of online reviews and transparent pricing models. If the value/cost ratio isn’t just right we run. We intuitively see savings in both time and money and will buy based on both. You can leverage this when deciding the best way to sell your house.

One Additional Thought

Because of the reasons above one growing trend among millennials is selling their homes themselves. The “for sale by owner” or “[FIZBO]” market is seeing wild growth. With no gatekeepers stopping you from claiming your Zillow listing, and promoting it to your Facebook network, it seems worth the thousands in commission you could save paying a realtor.

But there is a downside that is costing millennials and is worth the warning.

Realtors sell homes for higher prices.

They also handle all the negotiations and paperwork.

These are the two biggest areas that suck the most time, and cost the most money.

But is that still worth 6% commission? I don’t believe it is.

ReHive is a company I started as a result.

I’ve had other customers describe it as a “Best of both worlds” service. We know you’re savvy and don’t need our help to take photos, and describe your house. But the fact is to sell it safely and quickly only realtors have access to the best tools for that job. So we’re compromising. We let you take on the tasks that are easy for you and we help you with the ones that help sell your house faster and safer. And as a result we don’t charge nearly the same fees as a realtor. 

You can find out more about how it works here.

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