Learn how property developers are saving big with “digital realtors”.

As a property developer you’ve probably cut deals with agents to sell your properties faster. But even the best deals cost thousands in commissions. A well negotiated rate can still be a good deal if the visibility in MLS sells your homes faster. In fact 80% of homes sold are listed there.

But with new listing services like Zillow and the ability to take photos and create marketing collateral from your smart phone it’s making less and less sense to part with any commission just for basic data entry in MLS.

This issue is what drove me as a property developer to get my real estate license in the first place. I can make a lot more money cutting out the middle man. 

It’s worked well and as result I’ve built a business around it. I’m now offer property developers access to one of the lowest commission rates available because I only provide them with the one service they can’t provide themselves. Access to the MLS.  We’ve built a brokerage model that property developers call “the best of both worlds.” It gives the sales people you’re already paying access to DIY tools for marketing, and lists your properties in MLS, Zillow, and hundreds of others. 

We’re not going to fluff up the role of a realtor. You know what it takes to sell your homes. We’ve just made it more affordable.

You can learn more about it here.

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