Selling A New Home Vs. Older Home

New homes may have an advantage in the home market, but even still they require some preparation to sell for a reasonable price.

It takes more than sticking a for sale sign in the yard to sell your new house. In fact, we recommend going through the same preparation for selling an older home as a new one, but it won’t require the TLC.

What you can save in time and money on fixing up your home you can invest in a solid marketing plan to sell your new home. A home marketing plan is a strategy or plan created to sell your home quickly and for your asking price.

Your plan might include how you will advertise on social media, what websites you plan to post your home listing on, and how you might stage your home.

Competing In the Market With A New Home

The same two factors for selling your new home vs. an older house are still at play. Price and Condition.

If your home is new, there is a good chance it is one of several new homes in the development or subdivision. You’ll need to consider how to compete with homes that are also new as well as the prospect of building a similar house from scratch.

Positively you may benefit from the success of a new development driving home prices up.

If the demand to be in that neighborhood increases so will the price of those homes.

Eventually, once there are no more empty lots, you no longer have to compete with buyers who might want to build.

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