We’re Hiring: New Client Relationship Manager

Job Summary

ReHive is a nontraditional brokerage offering complete real estate services at a flat fee. Our mission is to make buying and selling homes easier and cheaper. The internet has already made it far easier to buy and sell real estate and our brokerage works to stay at the forefront of those innovations for one purpose – to pass along the savings in time and money to homeowners.

We are looking for a salary paid realtor to help our clients get on-boarded into our system for buying and selling homes. This position has the responsibility of teaching, consulting, and providing resources for those potential clients who have been referred to our service or introduced by other marketing efforts. You won’t be responsible for networking, cold calling, mailing, hustling, grinding, or any other real estate lead generation tactics. Your job is to serve new and existing inbound client inquiries.

Responsibilities and Duties

The essential responsibilities will be to keep track of and follow up with potential clients as they evaluate our service to buy or sell a home. Client engagement will be done through phone, email, and in-person meetings (often virtually).

Day to Day

You’ll be interacting with clients early in their journey of deciding to buy or sell their home. As a result, a lot of the day to day interactions will be…

  • Answering questions about the steps or process of buying or selling a home
  • Providing estimated home valuations for sellers
  • Setting up search criteria for buyers
  • Providing in-house resources to buyers or sellers based on their needs
  • Meeting with potential sellers to suggest possible selling strategies

Things you will NOT be expected to do…

  • Lead Generation (personal networking, marketing, etc… )
  • Transaction Coordination
  • Showing houses
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Advertising

A typical morning at ReHive for this position might look like this…

9 am – Email Responses

You check the CRM and see that…

Jane Deaux has requested info about a property.

John Deaux has asked a question about financing.

Then John’s mother-in-law calls trying to find a place she can put her trailer because she can’t stay with John and Jane anymore. You take note to follow up with her when you have more info.

You email Jane and John back. Trying to go above and beyond, being as helpful as possible.

10 am – Meeting with Potential Seller

You show up prepared. You’ve done research on the property and are ready to walk this couple with 2 kids and one on the way through our proven process for selling homes as it relates to their home specifically.

You didn’t hold back sharing your opinion of any challenges they may face selling their home but also show them clear strategies to get it sold.

They walk away completely understanding the process and its advantages. In fact, they feel totally relieved to have gotten so much clarity about selling their home. Later that night one spouse says to another, “I really think we should list our house with ReHive. The process is straight forward, and think of what we can do with the commission savings”. They argue over how they’ll spend the savings.

11 am – Research

Two potential clients have requested a CMA. So you spend some time working on those and sending them to the client.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Licensed Realtor
  • Basic computer skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Talking with people must energize you.
  • Organized


This is a salary position starting at 40k per year.

All association dues are also covered.

To Apply

Email your resume to [email protected]

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