5 Potential Selling Points for your Location

5 Potential Selling Points for your Location When selling your home, calling attention to the right things about the location will attract buyers. As a homeowner, you may not be able to highlight everything on this list but the ones that apply are worth mentioning. Neighborhood Before you reach beyond a stone’s throw, consider ways … Read more

5 Tips for Selling your Home in Autumn

While many people choose to sell their home in the spring or summer, selling in the fall can be a time to take advantage of the season’s natural beauty. But, if you plan on doing that, here are a few things to keep in mind in prepping your house. 1. Curb appeal.  Evaluate how your … Read more

6 Reasons you Will Love Living in a Townhome

So, what makes a home a townhome? By definition, townhomes are multi-story houses in housing developments, typically in a row which are attached to one another by shared walls. Townhouses have proven popular among a wide age range with many new homeowners finding more benefits than offered in apartments or regular homes. At Rehive, we’re … Read more