5 Potential Selling Points for your Location

5 Potential Selling Points for your Location When selling your home, calling attention to the right things about the location will attract buyers. As a homeowner, you may not be able to highlight everything on this list but the ones that apply are worth mentioning. Neighborhood Before you reach beyond a stone’s throw, consider ways … Read more

5 Tips for Selling your Home in Autumn

While many people choose to sell their home in the spring or summer, selling in the fall can be a time to take advantage of the season’s natural beauty. But, if you plan on doing that, here are a few things to keep in mind in prepping your house. 1. Curb appeal.  Evaluate how your … Read more

What happens when buyers inspect my home? 

After an offer is made on your home, the contract will allow a certain time period for the buyer to inspect the home. Who pays for it? The buyer hires the inspector and the inspector works for them. How long does it take? Inspections can vary depending on the size and complexity of the home. … Read more

What is an “Active Contingent” sale?

What is a contingent sale? When a buyer makes an offer on your home it’s likely contingent on a few things. Most commonly their ability to get financing and their comfort moving forward after inspections. But when an accepted offer is contingent on the buyers selling their home first, the status of the home for … Read more

COVID19 Home Selling FAQ’s

Living through this time seems to offer more questions than answers but we’ve done our best to field some of the common questions we’ve been getting from potential home sellers. Is it still a good time to sell? I’ll spare you the “it depend’s” statement and instead provide a few things to consider if it’s time … Read more

Is Quarantine Changing What Home Buyers’ want?

While experts speculate over what’s going to happen in Real estate post Covid19 one thing is for sure. Homeowners are getting to know every inch of their home – what they like and dislike. This fresh perspective as a result of weeks-long quarantine will arm the next wave of buyers with a list of features they’ll … Read more

The Anatomy of an Offer: How to Evaluate A Home Offer

Getting an offer is the goal of listing your home but understanding each element and what you are willing to accept before you market your home, will make negotiations go a lot smoother.  We’ve broken down home offers into 2 sections, time and money. You should consider both before accepting or countering.  Net Price  There … Read more